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Walter E. Jarvis  (Typographical Lo. 15)

He’s just Walter E. Jarvis in the city directory, but among his hundreds of friends he’s just Walter, the congenial fellow who aids in directing the affairs of Typographical Union 15 and keeps that body informed on all matters relating to printing. Walter became a newspaper man when he was still attending the public schools of Rochester by opening a stand at the Four Corners and there dispensing of all the Rochester dailies, which were more numerous then than they  are now.

You wouldn’t believe it to look at him but Walter Jarvis has worked at the printing game for more than 20 years and can give older newspaper men than he is information concerning Rochester newspapers that lived and died many years ago.

He started his printing career shortly after leaving East High with the J.P. Smith Company, which was then a union establishment. He followed that berth with numerous other jobs in commercial plants.

Walter was born in Batavia 42 years ago and came to Rochester with his parents when he was six years old. He attended the public schools of this city and finished his educational career by attending East High. Once a printer always a printer so that when Brother Jarvis applied for and received a job at the J. P. Smith Company he mapped out his life career.

From the very beginning Walter became interested in union labor. He was so active in behalf of the wage earner that he quickly worked himself into a prominent place in union circles. During the 44-hour strike in 1921 he was vice-president and chairman of the executive committee.  He was later elected secretary-treasurer of Local 15 and still holds that berth after seven years of good service. Year after year he has been re-elected to succeed himself and it is common knowledge that when Local 15 holds its next election in May he will be returned to office by a handsome majority to keep up the good work he has accomplished in the past seven years.

Besides this position Walter also is secretary-treasurer of the Allied Trades Council. This position he has held for seven years. In 1926 he was elected a delegate to the International convention at Colorado Springs, Colo. He is a delegate to the Central Trades and Labor Council and is one of the representatives of that organization in the Rochester Exposition Association.

Walter is married and lives at 53 Pavilion Street. He has no children.