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Welcome to the Rochester: A Community of Workers online exhibit

About the Community of Workers Project
These images and text are part of a project undertaken by photographer Marilyn Anderson and historian Jon Garlock to explore the community of work and workers which is Rochester, New York.

In the early 1990s they visited nearly forty Rochester worksites documenting a wide range of union labor — industrial, construction, communications, transportation and public and service sector jobs.

They photographed and/or interviewed hundreds of union workers who supported the project because they felt it was important that people recognize and appreciate the diversity and significance of their labor. For more background on the artists, read the Artists’ Statement.

About the Exhibit
Anderson and Garlock presented a portion of their work as a photo-text exhibition first displayed at the Links Gallery in Rochester’s City Hall and later shown at Rochester-area schools and at labor conferences in Detroit, Albany, New York, and Washington, DC. For further information on the exhibit’s history see About the Exhibit.

This on-line exhibit augments that original show with images and text from several additional worksites. The on-line exhibit is organized as a series of pages representing individual worksites, sequenced in the order in which they were documented. View the pages in this sequence from the Site Map.

Users interested in viewing images and text related to specific unions can access them separately from the Union Locals page.

Viewers can also access images and text related specifically to industrial, construction, communications, transportation, or public and service sector jobs. Lists of images and text by sector can be viewed on the Labor Sectors page.

Also, images and text can be viewed in relation to specific worksites and employers from the Worksites page.

Since the early 1990s changes have occured at many of the documented worksites and unions. These changes are described on the Update page.

The initial exhibition was made possible by the Rochester Labor Council, which understood the importance of depicting, to both union members and the general public, the community of work; by the many unions which participated in the project and their members who agreed to be photographed and interviewed; and by the employers who granted access to worksites.

The project received financial assistance not only from the Labor Council but from the New York State Council on the Arts Decentralization Program, administered in Monroe County by Arts for Greater Rochester.

The on-line exhibit is made possible with support from the Ronald G. Pettengill Labor Education Fund, a component of the Rochester Area Community Foundation.

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